Cridge Care - the largest provider of private home health care, in Greater Victoria.

About Cridge Care


Allie Cridge RN founded Cridge Care in 2020. Allie (Nurse) and her husband Jason (Pharmacist) noticed that many of their patients at the pharmacies were not being adequately cared for at home. There seemed to be a big disconnect between what seniors in the community needed, and what was being offered. Allie developed a medication administration program that helped seniors with their medication at home. Fast-forward to today and Cridge Family Pharmacies is now the largest provider of medication administration services in Greater Victoria. Cridge Family Pharmacies also started offering a medication dispenser called Spencer(R). Spencer is a medication dispenser that lives in the patient's home and dispenses medication to clients at home. This helps seniors stay at home safely and keeps them on track with their medications. 

Ultimately CridgeCare keeps seniors living at home independent, safe, and healthly. We have helped so many clients through our Medication Adminstration Program and Spencer programs we've decided to do more of what we're already so good at.

Our dedicated team of Pharmacists, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Health Care Aides and Caregivers are ready to help. 

Partners in Care

CridgeCare is partnered with Cridge Family Pharmacies in it's mission to provide homecare to Greater Victoria. To find out about Cridge Family Pharmacy and what they're doing to improve the community go to their website: for more details.

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